Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix

Elk Grove Milling

Elk Grove Milling, Stable Mix is a complete pellet meaning that it contains enough fiber (max 32%) when fed as directed can safely replace the other sources of forage in your horse’s ration. Stable Mix also contains almond hulls a form of super fiber which provide more calories to your horse than hay, but in a safer form than grains. Almond hulls, like hay, are digested in your horses hindgut.

Unlike hay, Stable Mix comes with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to insure that all of your horse’s nutritional needs are met. Elk Grove Milling doesn’t just use any minerals they use Zinpro Performance Minerals. These patented organic minerals are unique in the market place. For more information on Zinpro minerals visit their website at www.zinpro.com

Elk Grove Milling Barrel Program

Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix products and forage mixes come in 50 # bags and recycled 55 gal drums, which hold 250# of pellets. There is a one-time deposit on the barrel, the barrel is not for resale, and is the sole property of Elk Grove Milling, Inc. When barrels of feed are empty, customer will return the barrel to a feed store which carries EGM products in exchange for a full barrel of pellets. The barrels come with a twist top lid, for ease in handling and quality control.

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